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Copyright and cartography

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Jefferys v Bowles (1770)

Bowles v Sayer (1780)

Sayer v Moore (1785)

Carnan v Paterson and Bowles (1786)

Steel v Moore (1789) and Heather v Moore (1797)

Cary v Newbery, Faden, Longman and Rees (1799 – 1800)

Faden v Stockdale (1797)

Thomas Livingstone Mitchell’s Map of the Nineteen Counties (1832 – 1836)

Cheffins v Wyld (1837)

The Atlas Company v Fullarton (1852)

Frederick Proeschel v James Philp (1853)

Stannard v Lee (1870) and Stannard v Harrison (1870)

Hogg v Munro, Knipe & George (1871)

Higinbotham v Gibbs, Shallard & Co (1888)

Laurie v Newnes (1899)

Robinson v Sands & McDougall (1917)


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Copyright and Cartography

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